Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee

A short film about the Arctic Refuge from Wondercamp and The Wilderness Society. I contributed an animated map that starts at around 2:20. 

The Nature of Maps (coming soon in full)

Trailer for The Nature of Maps, a short film by Seedlight Pictures exploring our work to map the new Patagonia Park, created by Conservacion Patagonia and conservation icon Kris Tompkins. The film highlights the importance of maps in conserving, and expanding our understanding of, wild places.

Point Blue Conservation Science

We made this short film for Point Blue Conservation Science to help tell the story of the long-term research they are doing on the Farallon Islands.

Defined by the Line

In 2015 before President Obama designated Bears Ears a national monument, Patagonia launched a campaign to direct support to the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition and conservation groups working to protect the area. We worked with Patagonia and Duct Tape Then Beer to make three animated maps for this short film. They appear at 3:07, 3:38, and 5:50.

Mile for Mile 

In 2015 Patagonia launched the Mile for Mile campaign to raise money for new trails in Patagonia National Park. We provided on-the-ground route planning support with our maps and then created the maps for the film. They appear at 1:12 and 9:52.

National Geographic Expedition Raw

National Geographic, which has helped fund our work in Patagonia, made this short video about our work in Patagonia as part of their #BestJobEver series.

National Geographic Expedition Raw

Our second appearance in a National Geographic #BestJobEver video, this time for our work they helped fund on the Farallon Islands.

Young Mountain Tea Kickstarter

We made this Kickstarter video for our good friend Raj, founder of the best mission-driven tea company in the world: Young Mountain Tea. They’ve come a long way since 2014 when we shot this. Check out their direct trade tea and the chance to visit India on one of their guided tea trips.

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